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We at Sennheiser realized that coming from a mindset that is oriented on different markets, we need to think and act as a connected company with a more global mindset, a company that takes risks and flexibility and adapts to the forces at play.
That’s why we are looking for product managers/people who know lots about great products and who believe that personal growth goes hand in hand with the success of the firm. To achieve that, we offer inspiring work in a family of true audio enthusiasts for a brand that matters.
The opportunities to build a career with us are as varied as our employees. But we all share a passion to create the best audio experiences with a customer-oriented mindset and for that reason we give room to realize your ambitions and the chance of being part of a team that is willing to learn and grow.
To make it happen, we ensure that our leadership makes you the owner of your success – helping you to combine your love for audio and your experience.

Typical jobs in this area are Product Manager, Strategic Alliance Manager, Portfolio Management, Global Brand Strategy, Category Manager, PR Manager, Project Manager, Product Marketing, Digital Marketing or Campaign & Media Manager.

»A Heavyweight in Sound Production.«

When Product Manager Maximilian Voigt needs to bring his product to a meeting, it is almost impossible to transport. The AMBEO Soundbar is his baby and it really is in a class of its own. It is far too big for a Euro pallet and, weighing in at 18.5 kg, is not exactly designed to be portable. But it needs to be so substantial.

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»She Rocks.«

It’s the year 2000. The world has survived the millennium panic (spoiler: the world didn’t come to an end), Britney Spears is singing “Oops, I did it again” and Eminem is “The Real Slim Shady.” Dawn has finished college, just got married and is looking for a job in Connecticut, where—for the time being at least—she wants to set up home with her husband. According to the job agency, there is a receptionist position available at Sennheiser in Old Lyme.

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»The Power of Being Empowered.«

After completing her apprenticeship at Sennheiser, Theresa Vondran was immediately thrown in at the deep end. Several times. “One day I was sitting my final oral exam and the next I was off to America, where I presented the launch event of the new evolution wireless D1. Things couldn’t have got off to a more exciting start,” she laughs.

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Interested in working for us?

Interested in working for us?

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