Bluetooth® headphones & headsets

Headsets, headphones and earbuds that operate with Bluetooth technology give you freedom. Enjoy signature high-quality Sennheiser sound without limiting the full range of your movements! Go hands-free with Sennheiser Bluetooth Headphones and Headsets.

Headphones that let you move more freely.

You have the music, you have telephony, you have freedom of movement – but you don’t have a cable. That’s the difference headsets featuring Bluetooth® make. Easy on the batteries Bluetooth® headsets allow for hours and hours of listening pleasure. Furthermore, without a cable to be careful about, they make great travelling companions.

Sennheiser offers Bluetooth® in a wide variety of models, from the sophisticated one-ear headset to the luxurious travelling headset complete with NoiseGard® technology for active attenuation of background noise.

Bluetooth headsets let you move more freely

We wanted to give you music, comfortable calls and – most of all – freedom of movement. Without a cable to untangle every time you move, Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets make great traveling companions. We also wanted to offer you a wide variety of models, because you never know when a Bluetooth device might come in handy: from the discrete earbuds to the travel headset complete with NoiseGard® technology, you’re spoilt for choice.

What types of Bluetooth headset are on the market?

The Bluetooth technology makes every headset wireless and easy to use on the go. As there’s no cable connection between the headphones and your device, it relies on a high-speed link technology that seamlessly connect to all your devices. The low energy consumption of Bluetooth technology makes this kind of headset the perfect travel companion. But which one to choose? It all depends on your style.

The following wearing styles of Bluetooth headsets can be found at Sennheiser:

  • Double-sided: also known as the “binaural” model, a double-sided headset features two earpieces, as opposed to the single-ear piece or mono headset. Very common in an office environment and for business calls.
  • Earhook: often found in mono headsets, ear hooks latch onto the outside of your lobe rather than relying on the pressure from the ear tips to hold the earbud in place.
  • EarFin: these types include a small ear-fin to prevent the earbud from moving inside the ear and hold it in place. Extremely convenient during a workout.
  • In-ear wireless: there are many kinds of wireless headset. At Sennheiser, you’ll find a wide range of wireless and true wireless models. All grant different levels of no-cable and hands-free comfort.

Whether using your headset at work or at home, everybody should enjoy high-quality sound with their hands-free phone calls. Choosing the best Bluetooth headset is crucial, but how to pick one? Let’s take a look at their qualities.

Bluetooth headset with noise cancellation technology

What use is a Bluetooth headset, if you can't hear what the caller is saying? Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets offer noise-canceling technology: essential for a business call and extremely pleasant while listening to music on the go. Enjoy superlative sound performance of your favorite track during your morning jog, or clear crisp sound when taking that business call – wherever you are. Sennheiser’s noise cancellation technology has got you covered!

Bluetooth headset with integrated microphone

Noise quality goes both ways: you need to hear as well as be heard. What makes Sennheiser a top seller in Bluetooth headsets and earbuds is the well-balanced attention to every detail: speakers, battery, connectivity, microphones. Multiple built-in microphones are essential to convey crystal-clear sound quality to the other side of your important business call. Because sometimes you can’t miss a beat.

Test our noise-canceling microphones: after years in the microphone-building industry, our expertise really is unparalleled. Sennheiser’s microphone system effectively isolates your voice from background noises, ensuring high quality and clarity in your calls – every time.

Bluetooth headset comfort: battery life and connectivity

Sennheiser’s Bluetooth technology goes easy on the batteries, allowing you hours and hours of listening pleasure. But that’s not all there is! Our compact charging case does the work for you: your device charges in the case while it’s at rest, so you can pop the earbuds back in after a couple of hours and keep living your best life.

However, comfort means different things to different people. For some, it means long-lasting battery; for others, broader connectivity. For those who wish to enjoy the same freedom of Bluetooth headsets at home, we created a solution to ditch in-ear devices with your very own home entertainment system. Experience Sennheiser’s high-quality sound performance by pairing multiple devices via excellent Bluetooth connectivity.