Cell phone headphones & headsets

With freedom to move and improved audio quality for your smartphone, Sennheiser phone headsets give you full control of your phone functions via a refined in-line remote. Find out more about Sennheiser’s state-of-the-art audio technology and discover a new way of calling your loved ones: easy and with crystal clear sound.

Headsets that make even the smartest phone sound better.

There’s a lot of audio coming out of your smartphone: music, videos, games… and your loved ones’ voices. All these sounds deserve high-quality technology to be faithfully delivered to you: a fact that manufacturers tend to ignore about phone headsets.

Sennheiser smartphone headsets not only sound great, but they also feature in-line remotes to control the main functions of your phone with ease. But that’s not all. A call goes both ways: you can trust the noise-canceling microphones will carry your voice through in any environment.

What types of smartphone headset are on the market?

Sennheiser offers a broad range of smartphone headsets. Some fitted with Bluetooth®, some in-ear, some over-ear, some on-ear – all with legendary Sennheiser sound.

  • On-ear smartphone headsets: luxurious, sleek, and comfortable. Plug them in and immerse yourself in an unparalleled sound experience.
  • Over-ear smartphone headsets: for a crisp, noise-canceling sound experience. Enjoy longer-listening sessions with comfort.
  • In-ear smartphone headsets: for the active listener who can’t keep still. Don’t let your calls slow you down and enjoy high-quality sound on the go.

How many ways to wear smartphone headsets are there?

We’ve agreed that smartphone headsets are essential: it’s time to choose the best one to fit your lifestyle. The following styles of smartphone headsets can be found among Sennheiser’s many models:

  • Headband: these headbands with inner speakers are extremely comfortable and therefore perfect when relaxing (and even falling asleep) in bed while listening to music or podcasts.
  • Double-sided: for extra secure, extra private listening and calls, a double-sided headset―as opposed to the mono headset―is the right choice for you.
  • Neckband: a wireless headset with a horseshoe-shaped collar that wraps up around your neck for perfect stability. The perfect choice if you’re planning on working out with your headset on.
  • In-ear wireless: a wireless headset with earbuds, it comes with a neckband or as a true wireless model, for different levels of no-cable comfort.
  • EarFin: a headset with earbuds featuring a small ear-fin inside the lobe, to secure the earbud in place during your run or while you’re on the move.

The advantages of Bluetooth smartphone headsets

With Sennheiser, you don’t have to choose between comfort and quality. We know that to enjoy your mobile device to the fullest, you need a mobile lifestyle. Bluetooth headsets and allow you to multitask and save battery life at the same time: we won’t slow you down. Smartphone headsets with Bluetooth and wireless technology give you quality communication without hindering your movements. For the active listener, Bluetooth technology is the more interactive option.

You should rely on your Bluetooth smartphone headset to support you during important calls: a seamless connection with your device and a button remote that won’t fail you. With Sennheiser you can make that business phone call with ease and count on clear voice projection and a great sound stage, wherever you are.

For ultimate convenience, take full advantage of the multi-connection feature, connecting up to 2 devices at once. Which one will it be: your computer, your tablet, or VoIP phone?

Phone headsets with noise-canceling technology

If you’re looking for the best communication tools for yourself and your business, make sure to get the best smartphone headset you can. The design of Sennheiser smartphone headsets makes them a state-of-the-art tool of communication. But how do we craft the signature Sennheiser sound?

We use noise-attenuating materials and a smart, closed design. By ensuring a better fit of the headphones against the head, we can provide effective shielding against noise. But what makes Sennheiser stand out is the patented NoiseGard™ technology, that offers three active noise-canceling profiles, according to different types of environment and ambient noise. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself!