What is NoiseGard™?

Flying can be particularly tiring, as passengers on board of a plane are often exposed to a continuous noise level of up to 80 dB/SPL. And on board of a train it can sometimes become loud as well. Sennheiser's patented NoiseGard™ technology makes travelling as relaxed as possible by letting you enjoy music in peace. The innovative NoiseGard™ /digital system now offers travelers a choice of three noise-cancelling profiles – optimized for the different types of surrounding noise encountered while travelling.

Active noise cancellation: the idea is based on the physical principle of noise and anti-noise, which was researched for the first time by the physicist Paul Lueg in the early 1930s. Put simply, an artificially generated sound field that is phase-inverted to the sound field of the noise has the effect of cancelling out the unwanted noise. Sennheiser’s NoiseGard™ technology works as follows: miniature microphones integrated into the headphones pick up the low-frequency noise close to the ears. Sophisticated electronic circuitry calculates a sound wave that is phase-inverted by 180 degrees to the unwanted noise. Directly at the ear, the noise and anti-noise cancel each other out almost completely. As a result, particularly annoying low-frequency noise is dramatically reduced.
  • PXC 550 Wireless
  • MB 660 UC MS
  • MB 660 UC